Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tis The Season

For me, some years are easier than others to get into the Christmas spirit. This year... it was a bit of a struggle. But, on the day that was supposed to be designated for relaxation, I got some energy to do some decorating. It was a now or never type thing.

I must admit, I did downgrade a few things. Didn't put as many ornaments on the tree. Didn't put as many decorations outside. But it's better than nothing. After all, no one likes a Scrooge.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Moses to Mabel

In one day, we lost Moses to his forever family and gained Mabel. She's our new foster. Picked up from a puppy mill, she was overbred, and at 5-years old, she's no longer "valuable." Her last "contribution" will be the tax write-off the puppy mill owner will claim because giving up Mabel is considered a "donation." Sickening.

Anyway, Mabel is sweet, scared, anxious, loving, and all other sorts of contradictions. She wants to play but doesn't know how. She reminds me of a wild animal who doesn't quite trust humans but really wants to. She's quickly learning that her new place is good. She ate a little this morning and LOVED being outside in the fenced-in backyard. She loves to run, which is good for her, since she's quite hefty (you know, puppy mill cages don't allow for much exercise). She's been over bred and has sores on her legs and elbows from laying down on the hard wire crates. So, after a call to the vet on Monday and a whole slew of procedures that are coming her way, she'll be a new woman.

Without further ado... Mabel.