Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chocolate Soft Serve

You might have remembered from a previous post our painting adventure in the great room. Well, with visitors coming for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to kick it in to high gear and get our master bedroom painted. We used the "chocolate soft serve" color that looked so atrocious in the great room next to our "katydid" green. Come to find out, the color is quite nice when it's all by itself. With such a big bedroom, the color adds a little bit of warmth. Now, all we need is a few more furniture pieces (e.g. a TV stand, bookcase) that match our new bedroom furniture.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Her Place

I know it's a bad habit. But she IS the alpha. And Randy's favorite. Often she's referred to as "the first one, and best one." (Don't feel bad for the other two... they have their own little loving names & references, too). But last night, at dinner time, Sophie hopped right up onto one of the empty chairs with a bone in her mouth. She set the bone on the table, as if she was saying, "Here I am. You can start now. What are we having to eat?" So funny, the personality on that one.

So, I just happened to have my camera. I love this girl.

And yes, we have pug salt and pepper shakers. They're adorable. And a little creepy, I'm sure, to non-pug people. But we love them.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Conquering the Beast

We've almost entirely moved in.... with the exception of one room. And with guests coming in T minus 3 weeks, I really want to get most of the boxes unpacked and outta here. So, this past weekend, Randy and I put our heads together to try and come up with the most efficient way of organizing the (dreaded) craft/music room. You know, it's the room that harbors all of our hobbies and enjoyments... but all of its contents don't really fit with the neat, tidy look of the other rooms. Having a sewing machine is great... but it doesn't really look too pleasing to the eye sitting in our great room.

May I present to you our solution (and I'm super excited about it)...

How could this possibly work as a crafting table? Wait for it...

It folds out into a handy work space for sewing and general crafting! It's on order and should arrive at Walmart in a week or so. Hooray! It got great reviews, and I love the fact that it is also a space saver. Can't wait to get it in the room. Perhaps then, we'll be inspired to finally unpack for good!