Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Highlights

This past weekend, my parents came for a visit. It was nice to have them down, as they are always very helpful for all the work Randy and I put off.... like weeding and hanging up a new ceiling fan. But, we did have add some fun activities in the mix. We all headed down to the Anheuser Busch beer tour in St. Louis. And man, they keep that place beautiful. Don't think dingy, ugly, industrial buildings. It's beautiful red brick everywhere. Immaculate landscaping. Intricate detailings on walls. The tour ends at the Hospitality Room, where you can have two glasses of the beer selection on tap. And, despite my dislike for beer, I've found that Bud Lite Lime and the Golden Wheat beer is quite delicious on a hot day after you've hiked it on the tour for an hour and a half.

One of over 200+ Clydesdales Anheuser Busch owns.

The tack room. It takes five hours to put the whole regalia on a horse (hair braiding and all...).

A look inside the stables where some of the horses are kept. This wagon was one of the older models used to deliver beer.

The brew house

A look inside the bottling & packaging building

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The reason for my absence

Living in a 1940's house, constant house projects are just a fact of life. Sometimes I don't even recognize the old pictures of our house before we bought it; we've changed it that much. This latest project was kind of a biggie. We re-taped and mudded our master bedroom. Following that, we painted and ripped up all the carpet. Then, laminate flooring was laid and trim was applied. It took a good two weeks of work to finally complete it, but I am happy to say that today, I have no house project agenda (minus the fun stuff, like finding accessories). And, the only place in our house with carpeting is the stairs. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

Taping, mudding, and sanding phase
(aka my least favorite phase)

Wha la! New flooring, new paint, and new closet door! 
The wall color is distorted here, but it's the lightest shade of 
robin's egg blue. 

The only thing needed now is accessories... the fun part!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My clientele

This scenario happened yesterday at work. Seriously. Makes me lose all hope in parenting.

In an effort to teach the kids about plant life and a life cycle, we had kids grow grass seeds in nylons to make into grass heads. They turned out adorable... and looked something like this:

Once they were decorated with a face, the kids got to take them home to share with their families. Yesterday, a parent dropped off her child to our room and had something to ask. The conversation went something like this:

Parent: I have a question about those grass heads.
Teacher: Yes?
Parent: Is that marijuana that's growing at the top?
Teacher: Um. No. It's just grass. 
Parent: Oh, my husband was wondering if it was marijuana. I'll have to tell him.

Yep. That's my clientele. First, they a) think that we could possibly grow an illegal substance in our classrooms, b) probably wished the grass was marijuana because it would be an easier profit than actually working, and c) think that having this conversation in front of children is appropriate.