Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ideas, please...

I must say, I've been in the "house project" mood since putting in the new floors in our main living area. I love the way it makes everything look cleaner and warmer. It was definitely money well spent. And now, with the summer just around the corner (which means more free time for me to get things done), I'm looking for the next project to get started on. I'm thinking the bathrooms.... really one of the only places that remain unpainted. I've been thinking of starting with our master bath.

Right now, the wall color is pretty vanilla, but I was hoping to create a nice spa feel. A color I was liking at the moment was a light sea glass green like this....

Martha Stewart Living 8 oz. Sea Glass Interior Paint Tester # MSL129

but, I'm still looking for inspiration pictures to get ideas. So, I'm relying on my (more decorative-savvy) friends for ideas and recommendations of their favorite decor/design websites. Any ideas would be gladly appreciated!

this isn't our master bathroom, but you can get the idea of what color walls and cabinets we currently have...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

And done.

It's finally done! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Hooray for no nasty carpet in the main living areas! Now, it's time to enjoy what's left of the weekend. 

In progress....

After 2 days, lots of sore muscles, and a large dose of patience, we have almost finished the new flooring. Here's a sneak peak...

before... disgusting carpet. never again.

entry way is cleared and ready to begin!

Randy was quite the carpenter with the measuring and cutting.

It's progressing slowly. Every crevice takes a while to cut out.

Ah ha! We're getting somewhere finally!

And the pugs did not even help. Jerks.

Final pictures to come... if I get muster up any strength to put the room back together and take pics.