Saturday, February 20, 2010

Krafts for Katelyn

I'm writing to tell you about a very important event coming up. Krafts for Katelyn is a little fundraiser put on by a high school friend, Jen, of Homemade by Jen, that will hopefully result in some big profits. A girl I went to high school with has just been diagnosed with AML leukemia, and without health insurance to cushion the medical expenses, she could use all the financial help she can get. Therefore, Jen asked me and a lot of other great crafters out there to donate one of our items to auction off. The item that I chose is the Dramatic Plume headband, as I know Katelyn is the kind of person who can appreciate a dramatic accessory. However, if plume headbands aren't your thing, Waiting for Cider  will be donating a wonderful piece from the Copper Poppy. Please, please, please check out Homemade by Jen's blog and all the handmade lovelies, and if one strikes your fancy, put in a bid, as all the proceeds go to Katelyn. Thank you for your time and generosity!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've been busy crafting. The result can be found at my recently updated etsy site. My new favorite thing is making fun headbands, which has been inspired by desire not to buy any more at ridiculous prices. I really like how they've turned out, so I might just end up keeping those that don't sell. A totally win-win for me! Anyway, check out the store if you have a moment...


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

just for fun

This is what's been going on in my craft room lately....

the pug... a constant inspiration

a cloud with an attitude

I've had a thing for eyepatches lately...

and I love that this one has a surprise underneath.

Now the question is.... what to do with them?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mrs. Witter, I have a question....

Storytime today went a little something like this...

Me: Okay, guys, come to the carpet. It's storytime.
Student 1: Mrs. Witter, can you tie my shoe?
Me: No, not right now. You don't need a tied shoe to listen to the story.
Student 2: Can you tie my shoe, too?
Me: No, I'll tie your shoe when you need to use it. Right now, you are sitting.

* I then begin to read a story. Children are picking junk off the carpet, playing with the filing cabinets, staring off into space...

Me: You know, class, if you can't listen to a story on the carpet, then we'll have to sit in our desks and listen to the stories there. You really need to pay attention to the story, because I'm going to ask you questions at the end. *blank stares*

* I continue with the story. Kids still aren't paying a bit of attention. Most of them are playing with their untied shoelaces. I'm getting ready to lose it....

Me: Excuse me. You are being very rude to the person reading the story. You are not respecting others, which is one of our school rules. It makes me very sad to see so many people not paying attention. When you become 1st and 2nd graders, you'll need to sit and listen quietly to a story being read.

* All the while, Student 3 is raising his hand with vigor, like he has something very important to add.... I give it a whirl....

Me: Yes, Student 3...

Student 3: Can you tie my shoelace?

Hm. Did I ever mention how much I love working with the little ones? It was just one of those days.