Monday, January 26, 2009

Thinking green

We finally have snow here in Alton... hooray! Another 3-5 inches on top of the dusting we currently have is predicted to come tomorrow. I've always felt that if the weather is determined to be cold, it might as well be snowy, too.

However, white isn't the color I've been thinking of most often. I know it's still January, but I can't help but get excited for the new growing season. Last year, I tried my hand at growing some veggies and really did well with it. We even had produce coming out of our ears well into the fall. Now, I'm thinking bigger and better.

Unfortunately, we don't have ample space for gardening (that's a requirement for our next house), so I'm considering taking up some container gardening for some of the smaller stuff (garlic, onion, potatoes). It's all in an effort to be a little more natural... live a little more green... and live a little bit cheaper! Amen to that.

Interested in container gardening? I've been starting to hunt for good sites. Let me know if you have any to share. I've been using this one to get started.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Benefits of Working in Healthcare

Last week was my second week working at a nursing home. And while I like my supervisor, I don't necessarily think it's for me. I like the population (yes, old people and a nursing home is not for everyone, but I do enjoy chatting and visiting with my patients), but it's a FULL days work. Non-stop go-go-go. I've been used to the cush job in the schools where everything from assemblies and just plain forgetfulness trumps speech therapy. But in nursing homes, you work for the hourly pay. And while I'm still unsure what the pay exactly is, it better be good for the time you put in.

Lately, I've been learning that the healthcare field can be a gift that keeps giving. For example, last Friday, I received a call from my supervisor saying that she had the stomach flu and wouldn't make it to work. Bummer. I get an unexpected day off. I was productive. Studied. Cleaned. Then, 5:00 hit, and the wonkiness began in my stomach. Two hours later, I was puking my guts out (sorry for the picture, but it was as bad as it sounds). It didn't stop until 5am the next morning. Later, I find out from my supervisor (who went in on Saturday despite her condition to complete work that she missed on Friday... that's the way healthcare goes) that 2 halls of the nursing home had been quarantined for the stomach flu. Ahh... working in healthcare, just one of the many benefits.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


AT LAST! Some vindication that, yes, the stuff I make is actually deemed "cute" by other people than myself. Awesome! Welcome to Martha Land has discovered Toodleooo's stuff and decided to include it in her blog. My forever friend's Spanish alphabet letters and a reference to my dog cards made the "cute" list. Such a great feeling. Now... if someone would just buy them. Hm.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Takin' it for a spin

Notice a new look? I won't lie... it's been a while since my last post. I just haven't been in the mood for writing. Not inspired. No time to leisurely write. Blame it on the 5-day work week. But now, thanks to my Mac-owning sister I have a reason to write again. Using a bit of creativity and her way cool Mac (so jealous), she created a header for me. Ahhh... so nice to be a bit different than the usual blandness of one font headers. Thanks, Waiting For Cider... you're too cool for school. And I'm thankful to be reaping the benefits of your better-than-anything-my-pc-could-do machine.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Modern Fashionista, whatever.

This blog needs to be prefaced with the fact that I was channel surfing and stumbled upon The Devil Wears Prada. And with only 15 channels (minus the bland Catholic preachings and all the home shopping networks), my choices on quality tv is quite limited. While this is not the movie I'd go out of my way to see, I got drawn in. Whatever.

It got me thinking (as this has been a conversation between my forever friend and myself a few times) about my personal fashion style. And the conclusion was.... I had no clue. The next step in my endeavor to discover this important information was google. I searched for "personal fashion style." Some quiz came up... answered 12 questions and wha la! Supposedly I'm a modern fashionista who loves to look good but also values comfort and simplicity. Wow. Coulda fooled me.

Maybe that was the ideal me. The me who is out of grad school and works to buy these modern, comfy, but simple clothes. The me who actually goes somewhere else besides Goodwill to shop. I'd like to know that me.

Now, I don't place all my value on clothes. It can be the furthest thing from what's important. But there's something to be said about feeling confident. Feeling good about yourself. And most of the times, I feel so freakin' frumpy. And there's no hope in the near future. My weekly attire for the nursing home: scrubs. Yep. Guess what colors.... just guess. (think ugly... REALLY ugly). Ok, ok. A white top with (groan) maroon bottoms. Lovely.

I wonder if Stella McCartney has these in her spring collection.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Good Things

Quiet, cuddly, and warm. Two pugs in their nest. Melts my heart every time. They really do love each other.

A kind, handmade, beautiful card from my sister. How cool is this card? I may just have to make my own. Such a great thing to get in the mail. I loved it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!