Friday, March 14, 2008

a break?

My feet ache. My back aches. My legs are so sore; they just might fall off. Really.
I've never worked this hard (since doing drywall nearly 6 months ago...). I suppose I should preface by saying that it is spring break, and we are finishing up a renovation begun about this time last year. It's just the finishing work (floor & window trim, crown moulding, etc) that needs to be completed, but the list is sooo long. I will never take a beautifully finished room for granted again! So, we've been working 12+ hour days to complete everything before next week. But, it's just not going to happen. I can admit that.

So, I'll just enjoy a little break. Feet up. Relaxed. Enjoying our one room that is completely finished. Ahhh... maybe one day (probably just before we got to sell it) the whole house will be done!

Unrelated news: my lilac bush has buds and my tulips have poked up! Spring is nearly here!


Alyssa said...

Your pics look great! It is coming together so well? I didn't see the platerack-- did you put it up yet?

jb.little said...

yes, it's up... but forgot to take a picture of it. oh well...