Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Coat

When we got our first pug, Sophie, Randy and I spoiled her like nothing else. Toys, treats, and dog clothes. She got a new collar every few months and new clothes whenever I got a whim. But, now that we have two pugs and money is a little tighter, those whims are few and far between. So, I often feel badly for Henry, our second pug, who didn't ever get the experience of being showered upon. Lately, I realized he really didn't have a nice dog coat. And, my forever friend has been hard at work creating cute & creative dog coats (that can be seen at our etsy shop here). Long story short... I've been inspired by her to try my hand at making a Christmas coat for our boy, Henry. Here is my very first attempt.

Henry's Christmas coat

up close .. gold & silver accents on cream knitted cotton with red belt

a picture of our girl, Sophie... because she hates when Henry gets all the attention