Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sick Day

Sunday, we brought home a new foster pug, Banjo. He should be renamed "Toddler" because that's what he is. He's adorable, but LOTS of work. How did I forget how much work puppies are? Needless to say, our Sunday was anything but relaxing. 

Monday comes too quickly. Randy got sick on some KFC that we grabbed on the way home from getting Banjo. So, after some support from my end, he calls in sick (which is rare. he usually just goes to work anyway). We now get to have the Sunday we missed out on.

First, Randy lazes around until 11... he was still feeling a bit woozy. I take Banjo to the vet. After I get back, Banjo has gotten car sick. Two sick boys. Eh. 

We all take a family nap... me in the love seat with a toddler on my chest and Sophie under my legs. Randy's in our green chair with Henry. It was quiet for such a small amount of time, but it was nice.

Then, like stressed out parents with their hair all frazzled from neglect, we decided to take in a mini date to the matinee. Harry Potter was calling. The movie was good (we're not super crazy fans of the book, so the movies are always better to us). But the best part was at 12:00 in the afternoon, no one was in the theatre. I think they actually had to unlock the doors just for us. There's something about being in a big theater with no other people around. We did a commentary on the movie. We guessed out loud what would happen next. We laughed a little louder than we normally would. And we were grateful that the movie was around 2 1/2 hours. Just what we needed. 

And now, it's our Monday... except it's Tuesday. Randy's got a 4-day work week... lovely. And our toddler has learned to climb stairs. He's getting so grown up...