Friday, October 30, 2009

tatts + hair glue = school spirit

This whole week at school was dress-up week in celebration of being drug free. The slogan was "Being drug free rocks!" and on Friday, everyone was encouraged to dress like rock stars. At first, I grumbled about it. How does a rock star dress? Oh, right... probably pretty inappropriate for school. SO, how does an appropriate-for-school-and-drug-free rock star dress? No flippin' clue. And yes, I think it's quite ironic how we're promoting being free of drugs when dressed up as rock stars... you know, the people who have coined the phrase "sex, drugs, and rock and roll."

But I gave it a go... considering I am the new employee and want to look like I'm putting in the extra effort. So, after spending $8 on tattoo sleeves and lots (and lots and lots) of hair glue goop, I became a rock star.

At least I wasn't the only one...

It was a fun day had by all. And it's amazing how many people really thought my tattoo sleeves were real. Just for the record, I did not get sleeve tattoos..............yet. :)


waitingforcider said...

hilarious!! let's see those sleeves up close-- they look real!