Friday, December 4, 2009

Just call me the best wife ever

I did it. I bought my husband the best (in his eyes) Christmas present ever. He is now a proud owner of a PlayStation 3. Well, he will be a proud owner once it comes in site-to-store. But, my credit card said that it is now ours, so yippee.

I'm not quite as against gaming systems as I once was. My husband isn't addicted. He doesn't choose games over me. Plus, it's also a blu-ray dvd player, so Randy is determined that I'll love it, too. He's supported me through many years of schooling, and he's been completely unselfish about it all. Since we recently paid off my college loan and car loan, I figured we could splurge a bit. I wanted to get him something completely fun and for him. As for me, I'll stick to the Wii.


Mandi said...

one has joined our household this holiday season as well. fun fun.