Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Things

It's been a while. I needed a bit of a break from the blogging. For a while there, nothing was really reportable. Nothing new. But you know, life can't always stay that way. Here's the update since the last entry.

I've still been fusing glass pendants. It's a nice hobby to release some creative energy. I've had some success selling them at school, and I've gotten around to inquiring about becoming a vendor at the Alton Farmers Market. We'll see....

Randy's also been doing some soul searching with his career ideas. After a couple graduate classes (which he aced, by the way) and observations, he realized that teaching was not for him. I'm proud of him for trying something completely out of his comfort zone. He's proved to himself that yes, he is smart and can do well in school. But he really didn't want to spend so much time jumping through hoops just to graduate and possibly not get a job. Plus, the big pay cut becoming a teacher was going to hurt, too. So, he'll stay where he is. I'm relieved he's figured it out in a short amount of time, and now, we've got some extra funds from saving for school to use up.... can you say vacation??? We'll see. At least he's happier now. 

We also (finally) adopted our Mabel. She's no longer a foster pug.... she's found her forever family. It's wonderful to know that she'll be treated well and given so much love that she missed out on for the first 5 years of her life. Such a sweetie. This is now our life...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

f this

This week is the first week back from spring break, and the kids are reminding me why I dread coming back to work. In a week's time, all rules and sense of good behavior have fluttered out of their little heads.

However, working with little ones always seems to have its entertaining moments, even when no kids are around. For example, the other day I had used some flash cards to quiz the children on their letters/sounds and sight words they were supposed to be practicing over break. This morning, when I came in, I realized that I had randomly set the flash cards on the whiteboard ledge. These were the two cards facing up....

f     this  

How appropriate. Life just makes sense sometimes...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break Re-cap

Where did the week go? My first spring break as a workin' woman flew by, mostly because I kept busy. The vacation included two trips to my parents' house (one planned, one not), making glass pendants, cleaning, organizing, and planting. Overall, it was a great time to have off. The weather couldn't have been better.... sunny and warm most of the days. Here are some of the pics that commemorate my time off

Our newest addition... 2008 HHR. It was a great deal, and Randy's truck is about to die :(

Embellishments! The creativity abounds!

The first pendant I made for myself. Love it!
But, if you'd like something like it, too, I customize them!