Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's a long road, with many more miles to go

This week has been quite the exhausting week. Tuesday was supposed to be the big day when I was to find out if I got the job in Texas or not. I waited and waited.... no call. I figured it was just another potential employer's failure to contact the person they weren't interested in. Whatever. Annoying.

But then, Wednesday came around. It was just about the time that I decided I was going to stay in Alton another year and plan on moving in the summer of 2011. I was fine with the plan. No big deal. I already had a job, and the moving process would be a lot less rushed and much more planned. But I got a call from the lady asking for different reference numbers. The ones she had tried were not working. SO.... things immediately changed. Why would she want references for someone she was just going to turn down?

After a few more problems with the numbers and e-mails, references had been contacted, and I got the job. Crazy! In two weeks, I'm going to be a Texan, and I'm going to be working for a district that wants to pay me over $11,000 more than my current salary. Um. Okay!

So it's go time to be packing and looking up realtors. With 3 dogs, no apartment place will want to rent to us. And honestly, we're not renters at heart. I'll be living with my grandparents until Randy can sell our house and find a new job in Texas. It'll work out. Things always do.

Here's to bigger and better! I'll try not to get too annoyed with the Texas attitude. It'll probably just be something that is more amusing than anything. Houses are cheap. Jobs are aplenty. Family is close. I can't complain. Here's to change!


Jen said...

Awesome! As someone who has been there (very recently, haha), the situation will definitely work itself out and I'm glad that you know that already. :) CONGRATS!