Saturday, October 23, 2010

Third Time's a Charm

For some reason, painting this new house has been a dilemma for me for a while now. Usually, I come into a new space and know exactly what I want to do... in what colors... and it's done before you know it.

Not this time. After three trips to Walmart, two different "neutrals," and many achy body parts later, the painting is done for now. We decided that our color scheme was going to be a fun green (the paint chip is called "katydid"), brown accents (like our couches, drapes, pillows, etc), and a neutral color for the other walls. Well, our first neutral turned out to look like yellow. Soon after getting that color up on the walls, we had a banana theme of brown, green, and yellow. No thank you. Hate bananas to eat... hate bananas on my walls. So, Randy (blesshisheart) ran to Walmart to get more of a brownish/taupe (Yorkshire tan). After slapping that up on the walls... our house now had a beautiful green and (as Randy called it) "soft serve" brown. It looked exactly like soft serve ice cream... only in an unappetizing way against the green. Yuck. We quickly discovered that green, in general, is really hard to pair with another color.

So, we ended up with hazelnut cream.... a very neutral, but very complimentary color to our green. And it's done. Hallelujah!!!

And if you're wondering what we did with all the paint worries, no paint will be wasted in our house. The Yorkshire tan will look really good with our black furniture in our master bedroom. And, the yellowish-green ended up working well in our guest room. So, we ended up painting the guest room... so score one for us getting more done than originally planned. Of course, it's past 10 at night, and we started painting at 9:30am. Hm. It's time for bed. Pictures will come tomorrow.