Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chocolate Soft Serve

You might have remembered from a previous post our painting adventure in the great room. Well, with visitors coming for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to kick it in to high gear and get our master bedroom painted. We used the "chocolate soft serve" color that looked so atrocious in the great room next to our "katydid" green. Come to find out, the color is quite nice when it's all by itself. With such a big bedroom, the color adds a little bit of warmth. Now, all we need is a few more furniture pieces (e.g. a TV stand, bookcase) that match our new bedroom furniture.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! That room needed color
on the walls. It brings out the
bit of color in your comforter.
Glad we were your motivation!

Mandi said...

Looks a lot like my bedroom color. I love it!

newenglandbound said...

Fresh and clean- very 'show house!'

It even looks like it smells like new carpet! :)

What's going on the walls?

jb.little said...

Probably some black picture frames above the bed... and maybe a small collage of pictures... who knows