Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day Fun

Three days of unexpected free time has allowed my creative juices to flow after a long hiatus. After two hours of mulling around at Hobby Lobby, I came away with some goodies.

I made a little window box for our master bathroom window. I used turquoise, red, golden, and plum flowers to give some much needed color to our bland bathroom. 

I've also had a renewed interest in homemade soaps/body products. So, I whipped up a body scrub infused with patchouli essential oil. It's also sitting on my bathroom window sill just ready for me to use with a calming bath.

And, to round off the bath theme, I played around in the kitchen with some ingredients for soap. 

The pug soap was made with mashed banana for moisturizing dry skin. It actually doesn't smell too much like banana, which is good, since that scent isn't my favorite.

This one is green tea soap infused with tea tree essential oil. Super fun. Can't wait to use them both. 


Anonymous said...

So nice!!!! Makes everything look
so refreshing!

Crazy Eddie said...

Great pics. I guess snow is a good thing afterall. It looks it really got your creative juices flowing. Lovely blog!

McCook Nebraska