Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Going Green Part 4

My cousin's wedding is coming up in a couple weeks, and I've heard many of my relatives talk about what they are going to wear. It seems that when a wedding comes up (which doesn't happen very often), no one has anything really suitable to wear. Same goes for me. I mean, I guess I have clothes to wear... work clothes perhaps. Maybe they could be styled up for a more formal occasion. But, to me, they are work clothes that I rotate through every couple weeks. So, I decided I needed something new.

I was thinking about going to Kohls for their latest sales or perhaps JCPenny, seeing as we have what seems to be a mecca of JCPennys. But, after reading a blog from the Zero Waste Home, I was once again inspired to do what Bea does. Twice a year she goes clothes shopping to buy new things for her family... except the clothes she acquires are not entirely new. She goes thrift store shopping for the majority of her purchases. It's the green set of mind: don't buy new what you can get used. Obviously, it helps to give the clothing, which may have otherwise been found in the garbage, a new life. So.... on my lunch hour today, I decided to visit the thrift store just right down the road. I'd never been there, but it looked pretty big and pretty comparable to the Goodwill I used to shop at in Illinois. And man, was I excited!

Furniture, housewares, clothing (up the wazoo!), books, fabric.... it was great! I started looking at the dress section and found a few dresses right away that warranted a visit to the try-on room. I quickly settled on a black dress from American Living (a JCPenny brand that is usually out of my price range). It was a  halter-like sleeveless black dress that falls just below my knees with a gathered waste. I know what some of you may be thinking... black? for a wedding? in spring? Yes. It's a staple piece that I think I'll be able to rewear lots of times, which lends itself well to the green idea. Plus, I have an adorable plum cardigan sweater to wear over it and dress it up with one of my grandma's brooches. I'll add a pair of nude heels (thatI'veneverreallyworn) to tie it all together. All for $12.98. I'll tell you what... this going green thing also lends itself well to my frugal mindset. To quote the looney toon, Charlie Sheen, that makes me "winning."

(note: not the exact dress, but very similar... minus the rhinestone neck and slit)