Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vegas Vacation

We're back! Las Vegas has officially taken (a little of) our money. After tirelessly comparing hotel deals and prices, we decided on a 3 night, 4 day stay at the Monte Carlo. And although our hotel rate (with included free buffet for 2 per day) was very reasonable, the longer you stay in Vegas, the more money you will inevitably lose.... and I'm not just talking about gambling!

Instead of spending most of our time in the casinos, we decided to really tour the city for all the free (and some not-so-free) things to do. On our first full day, we decided to walk the strip. Our little map made it look so easy. See? Everything looks so close!

Let me be perfectly honest: MAPS ARE DECEIVING. From the Monte Carlo, we walked the entire strip, which looks harmless. Ha! I bet we walked 5+ miles that day. Yes, perhaps the strip is not a full 5 miles, but we also made stops along the way in order to visit all the hotels and see their "sites". Now, you may be saying, "Jenna, why didn't you take the complimentary tram that's so easily located on the map?" Well..... I'm cheap. When I see "tram", I think money. Everything in Las Vegas costs money, so why wouldn't a tram? Well, after our first walk of the strip, my feet hurt so badly, I finally asked a hotel employee, only to learn that the tram is free. Blah. Lesson learned. Ask first!

Like I said, I'm glad we walked, because we got to see a lot of sites we easily would've missed on a tram. Like these....
the painted ceilings at the Venetian

the conservatory at the Bellagio

a Jelly Belly Statue of Liberty at New York, New York

A drum head signed by all 4 members of AC/DC (signed drum head = $1,750. Picture = free.)

We also decided to take in a couple shows, seeing as we found some good half-priced ticket booths on our walk. We were able to see the Blue Man Group (my third time, Randy's first) and the Jabbawockeez (dance crew that won MTV's America's Best Dance Crew). Both shows were great! 

After 4 days of Vegas, it was time to go home. After all, 3 pooches were waiting for us. And, with no hard feelings of being left behind, Sophie, Henry, and Mabel were happy to see us.


Alyssa said...

no one would probably notice if I just munched a bit off the torch of that jelly belly sculpture, right? ;) looks like you had a great time!