Thursday, August 4, 2011

A shower

This Sunday, I'm going to a baby shower. Now, it's been common knowledge that baby showers really aren't my favorite places to be with all the silly baby games and the ooing and ahhing over baby items of which I know nothing about. But, for good friends I make an exception. DeAnne, a former co-worker, is having a baby boy soon, and while I already helped throw a baby shower at school for her (I know, I know... I threw a baby shower. Amazing!), I wanted to be there for her "friend" shower. Instead of getting her another gift off her registry (which I did for her school shower), I wanted to make this one a little more special. So, I made something for her and baby Blake. Behold....

"Pee-pee Teepees"
So.... I never really thought about it, but when changing baby boy's diapers, I guess the lucky individual changing the diaper can get a sort of unexpected "shower" at times. Therefore, these pee-pee teepees come in handy (or so I've read). I originally got the idea from my friend over at Homemade by Jen, and I followed the pattern according to Little Birdie Secrets. I must say, these little guys were so much fun making! They were the perfect project for me, as they maybe took 30 minutes in total to make, but they turned out really well. So easy and hopefully useful! (A quick side note to anyone wanting to make them: I followed the pattern given by Little Birdie Secrets; however, instead of fleece, I used pre-washed and dried cotton fabric. I wasn't sure if cotton would be sturdy enough; however, in the end, I had no doubt they would work well.)

And for DeAnne, I made....
shea butter & organic green tea soap
These soaps smell soooo good! Made with a base of shea butter, I added some organic green tea grounds to the mix to help with gentle exfoliation. A few drops of plumeria fragrance was added to finish the job. After all, a brand new mama needs a little pampering too! 

Hopefully she'll love her handmade gifts as much as I loved making them. 



Anonymous said...

Yay for craftiness! I can smell those soaps from here! Beautiful!