Friday, January 11, 2008

thinking ahead

Anyone who knows me knows that I plan ahead. Really ahead. My parents used to joke with me about what I planned on doing ten years from now, and I would have an answer. Sometimes, I wish I could be more spontaneous. But, on occasions like this, planning ahead can be an advantageous thing. As I'm preparing to begin another semester of grad school, I decided to work ahead on my Valentine's Day present for my husband. As he is the only source of income for us, we've become good at finding ways to save money. One of the ways we've learned to save some money is through homemade gifts. I've come to appreciate how much time and effort (not to mention, love) goes into these gifts. So, I wanted to share with you what my gift would be this year.

Behold: a love letter bag

Well, the idea came to me when I realized that my schedule for this semester is not really conducive for seeing anyone besides my fellow classmates. So, for a fun way to communicate, I thought I'd bring back the love letter. Or just letter, really. It'll be a nice way to brighten up a day... when there is a letter awaiting opening by an absent loved one. Really, it's just a way for my husband and me to keep the love alive, I suppose. After four years of being together (three of which we lived together), I can say that our relationship can be a bit routine. Therefore, my solution = a love letter bag... just waiting to hold it's first letter.


Alyssa said...

supercute. i wish i had the time/creativity/idea for something like that!! adorable!