Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So, at the start of the summer, my husband and his best friend decided that it would be fun to get together once a week and have a jam session. Great. Randy has been needing a hobby (that doesn't include a gaming system) to get his mind off of work. I'm sure I don't know what it's really like for him....graduating with a theatre degree and having big dreams, only to become an insurance claims adjuster. Not really the career of choice. Anyway, so in a few months' time, these jam sessions between best friends have expanded to include a bass player and two guitarists. And suddenly, we have a band. And, before we know it, they have booked a gig. Of course, Randy's best friend's wife (Kim) and I are thinking it may be a good experience for the guys, but it will probably be a flop. We'll still be supportive. After all, it'll give us something to do, too. So, that gig goes surprisingly well. And another gig is booked. And that gig goes even better... and they earn more money than they had agreed on. And now, five more gigs are booked between January and April. Whew. Kim and I are beginning to think that we should assume the position of manager. A gig calendar is definately needed. And I'm shocked that their band is getting such great success. I don't mean that how it may sound. I knew they had talent, but I must say it's so wierd to step back and watch strangers sing along and dance to my husband's voice. And it's so great to see him have so much fun again. Music was his thing in high school and college. And he's in his element. It's a bit of deviation from his original dream of acting, but I think the local musician dream is quickly becoming a reality. I must admit, I'm a proud band groupie.


Alyssa said...

rock on! i am excited to come down sometime and hear this for myself!