Thursday, February 21, 2008

a nice change

Today we awoke to a nasty mix of sleet and snow... just the kind of weather that almost makes you stay in bed longer than usual.

But, being the responsible adults we are (read: don't go to work = don't get paid), Randy and I both got up promptly and got ready for the day. We turned on the news, and the announcers were suggesting everyone stay off the roads. Hm. Wish that were possible. With Randy working out of his car, "staying off the roads" is not going to work. But, there was still hope for me. Over 200 schools were closing around the St. Louis area.... SIUE not one of them. Erg.

So, I bundle up, brave the ice, and slowly make my way to school to find out all clients have been cancelled for the day. So, I have a class in the morning and one at night until 8pm. What a long day that will be staring outside looking at the ice/snow accumulating on our poor stationary cars.

But wait! Hope comes. Word comes to us that any classes after 4:30 are cancelled. Amazing. Now I don't have to choose between what my professor expects of me or the value of my safety.
So, I'm home... in the warmth and comfort of my home. All in all, a nice change from the normal 12-hour day at school.

Wishing all who are experiencing bad weather a very safe and warm night and weekend.