Friday, February 29, 2008

some peace and quiet....

It's Friday... *sigh*. And, while most people are looking forward to going out and starting their exciting weekends, I am so excited to stay home. Randy's band has a gig tonight from 10-2, which mean he'll stay around till 3, so he can get paid the 20% of alcohol sales, as promised. And, while I usually love going to hearing the band play, it's really nice to stay home, take a warm shower, get into my pj's and study. (Ha! I can't believe what I'm saying!) I'm in that good, productive mood that really appreciates absolute quiet (except for some pug snoring). That's the best way to get things done when it comes to studying for massive tests, which I just happen to have two of next week.

So, here's to all the people who are staying in tonight. It's definately a nice change... some peace and quiet.


Alyssa said...

can't wait to see you this weekend!when do you think you'll be in?