Sunday, June 29, 2008

a collection of finds...

I like change. I like changing my hair color and style almost on a monthly basis. I like changing every room's furniture arrangement. And I've been changing our kitchen around lately.
It's gone from completely red to completely yellow in a year's time. I was, at first, going for a Mexican theme... lots of bright colors and such. Then, I realized to make our kitchen truly authentic, we'd have to do so much more than change the color and throw up a few decorations. So, I'm trying to go with more of a gut feeling this time. We're keeping the yellow (it's my favorite color and makes me feel happy when everything is so bright in the morning). But, I think I'm going to try to make things a bit more "country chic" with a few antiques thrown in for fun. Alton is king when it comes to antiques, so I might as well partake. So, the above picture is what I have thus far. Note: the picture frames need pictures, but I might do some fun embroidery to go in at least one of them. Also, the round dish at the top is one dish from my grandmother's china set. It's pretty ugly... yellow flowers with green leaves, but in my kitchen, it seems to find it's place quite well. A nice surprise.


AH said...

I think that plate is cute! Can't wait to see the landscaping job- Mom and Dad said the pics look great!