Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Experience

So, I know I haven't written much about my new, more natural lifestyle. No worries... while I have been tardy in writing updates, I really have been experiencing a new, organic way of being. Last weekend, as a part of our wedding anniversary weekend of "us time," Randy and I went to our first farmer's market. It was such a great experience! We talked with people, petted a few dogs, bought some great food, and overall enjoyed our time being organic together. I think more farmer's markets are in the future plans. In addition to the farmer's market, I decided to bite the bullet and buy (expensive) cage-free chicken eggs. And I felt very good doing it. And their brown... which makes the experience that much cooler. SO, enough of my babbling... here's the proof.

The goods: shallots, baby potatoes, fresh wheat bread,

and lettuce. All organic. Yum. (Not shown: awesome

home-grown sugar snap peas. The best thing ever.)


Alyssa said...

yum! that bread looks delicious! i wonder if there is a farm nearby where you can get your eggs fresh from the source? They are usually healthier-- not only cage free, but also eating openly in a pasture-- not just grain fed... We are totally noticing the difference in our eggs bought from the farm... so tasty!