Thursday, March 19, 2009

40 Days: Day 7

Internships are complete. Tests have been taken. Job has been obtained. I'm ready to relax. It's time to get back to the Love Challenge.

The challenge for today was this: Get two separate sheets of paper. On one, write down a list of positive characteristics about your spouse. On the other, write a list of negative characteristics about your spouse. Each has its own purpose for the future. At some point in the day, tell your spouse one of the characteristics from the positive list.

This was a pretty easy challenge to get us back into the groove of doing the dares. Glad to say that my positive list for Randy far outweighed the negative list. It's also nice to remind yourself why you love the person you're with... especially since it gets sooo easy to be critical and focus on the negatives. Overall, a good dare.