Friday, March 27, 2009

New Hobby

Randy's band, the Mississippi Mud Ducks, has been on hiatus this month due to their guitar player taking a month-long vacation to Florida... lucky duck (pardon the bad joke). So, while Randy's rockin' days are put on a hold, he's been writing his own acoustic stuff. And, I guess when you start writing all this music, you need a way to record it. Which leads to a very technology-obsessed husband wanting to find THE recorder. I guess we found it. And bought it. And now, we're actually using it. I must admit, it's very cool. We already recorded one of his songs and one of mine. I'm impressed even though we haven't even edited the songs yet.

This is all leading up to the fact that I'm trying to upload his song here, but I don't think really likes you uploading music. But videos are a thumbs-up. Therefore, I'm trying to upload the song as a video on youtube and import it here. Hopefully  I can do it. If not... you might have to wait until Randy gets famous to hear his song. And that may take a while. So....