Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks, forever friend

It's no secret that felt is my forever friend's favorite medium for her awesome creations. I've been working on a creation of my own. I thought it would be really fun and cute to make a portable puppet theatre for the kiddos. I'm all about inspiring the next generation to put down their video games and start using some of their own creativity to... well... create! A puppet theatre would do just the thing. So, the theatre is made, and now it needs some puppets. What better medium for cute, colorful puppets than..... felt!

I made the trek to the not-so-local Hobby Lobby, where in I found a load of felt. I got what I needed and headed out to the parking lot... which is where I realized that the receipt said felt was 40% off! So, needless to say, I got me some more felt. Bring on the projects! Thanks, forever friend, for the inspiration.


Mandi said...

You're going to love it!