Sunday, May 3, 2009

This is what a theatre degree gets you...

Yep. That's a parade float that Randy helped make. Four years of theatre set building, and this is the result. Well, I must clarify. Randy's never built a float before, but he's experienced in building stuff from scratch with little or no financial backing. I've been told it includes lots of plywood, chicken wire, and paper. Scrapes and backaches are included, as well. 

The parade took place in Florissant, Missouri (where Randy works). The theme was "Florissant Goes to the Movies. So, his company decided to build a float depicting an old drive-in movie theater that used to be in Florissant. Apparently the drive-in had a very iconic red ball atop a gold tower, as it is depicted in the float (don't feel bad if you had no clue what it was, as I had to have it explained to me). 

While it wasn't an award winner, the float was still a success... considering no one had ever made a float before, and all the work was completed during work hours. All in all, a good effort.