Sunday, August 16, 2009

Highs and Lows

Weekend update coming at you... high and low-style!

Lows (let's start with the bad first)
- At dinner on Friday, Randy and I get a call from Randy's mom telling us Randy's dad had complete kidney failure. He was rushed to a hospital in St. Louis. After an emergency surgery, he's stable and in good spirits. He'll still need another surgery once his kidney numbers get lower.

- Because of Randy's dad, we had to cancel the Saturday home visit and adoption of Banjo, our 3rd foster pug. 

- This is my last weekend before starting my career. Kinda sad, but kinda ready to start.

- Randy's dad is doing well. Better than expected, which is awesome considering he had zero kidney functioning just 2 days ago.

- We ended up having our new friends, Christine and Heston (yep... cool name), come over for wine and food. We had a great time and good conversation. She's laid-back, loves dogs, and enjoys live music and traveling. He's a cyclist (almost professional), from New Orleans and Manhattan, has a relative who owns a huge property in Jamaica (and invited us to go along with them for a visit), and an all-around cool dude. They're both liberal (amazing!), which is REALLY hard to find down here (see... we're not freaks). We're becoming fast friends, as they don't have any relatives or friends in the area and are up for anything fun. 

- My crostinis with basil, tomato, and garlic were a hit. But my pecan praline cookies were rock stars. It was all very good... wine and sangria included! 

- Sunday was adoption day for Banjo. I felt so bad for canceling on the family Saturday (they had 2 boys who were probably crushed), we made some time on Sunday to take care of it all. They came, signed the paperwork, and went home with a cute pooch. 

Overall... the highs totally outweigh the lows.