Monday, August 9, 2010


Today is the day. Or, perhaps tonight is the night... that I move to Texas. Last night was my last time sleeping in my house as an Illinois resident. Nothing has really hit me yet. I've had a few little twinges of realization, but nothing full blown. It got to me a little last night when I had to say good-bye to my best friends here, Christine and Heston. I feel like I'll see them next week for our Sunday night watching of True Blood. Or, it's like I'll still be seeing her around the school hallways. I'll miss their liberal kinship and hippy ways. But, their nomads, like us, so I'm sure we'll be seeing them around somewhere.

As for the agenda today... final packing of everyday stuff and cleaning the house for the week of showings and realtors. Yep. Our house is officially on the market. Hip hip hooray! I suppose it'd be extremely wishful thinking if we sold the house while we were on vacation in Texas.... right? Ha. Let's just hope it sells period. I'd be happy with that.