Friday, August 13, 2010

helllloooo, Texas!

Howdy, ya'll! Randy and myself are just having a grand 'ole time here in the big, wonderful state of Texas!

Whew. How was that? I've been practicing my dialect to fit in with the locals. I think I'm doing okay, but I have pulled a few "sorry, I'm from Illinois" lines when I drive. I'm not used to the medium amount of traffic here compared to Alton. But, my old Chicago suburbs driving is all coming back to me, and I've been getting used to the tons of shopping available just 5 minutes away. It's so nice to think that this is actually the town I will live in and not just visit. This place does have everything, including amazing schools with facilities that rival colleges'.

Anyway, on to the fun news.... we made an offer on a house today! Ha! Surprised you, didnt I? Day 4 here and we might have a house. We went looking around at neighborhoods with our realtor and found one we really liked. It's a foreclosure with an interesting back story, but long story short, the couple that owned it wanted a foreclosure on purpose (?) so the wife could be a stay-at-home mom. They were expecting to be kicked out and were ready to move in with in-laws. Okay. Whatever. So, they took great care of the house, and it looks quite immaculate on the inside (minus stained carpet from 3 kids). Here are some pics & specs...

new kitchen cabinets & appliances... lots of counter space & cabinets

master bathroom w/ huge walk-in closet

master bedroom w/ walk-out to patio



Jen said...

My dream house has a walk-out patio off of the master bedroom! Good luck on the house! Love the look of the whole thing. :)

Mandi said...

Looks great! Good luck!