Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Day in the Past

In an attempt to explore Dallas and get in the Christmas spirit, we went to the Heritage Village of Dallas on Saturday. Let me just say .... it was so cool! There were about a dozen or so old buildings that had been moved and reassembled on the site. Dressed fully in period-correct clothing, volunteers would greet visitors in each building and give the information about the previous owners and the time period. Some houses were actually working... for example, the Blum house had a working kitchen, in which a cook was making potato latkes on an old wood stove for the visitors walking through. And, we had an extra treat since it is Christmastime. Vendors were selling warm sugar-covered pecans, hot chocolate, kettle corn, etc. We also enjoyed sitting in the old church and listening to a folk group with an awesome banjo player. Every house was decorated for Christmas as it would have been celebrated at the time. The whole experience was just so fun. Here are some highlights....

Old School House ... lunch pails all lined up

Although we didn't partake, donkey rides were a big hit

They even had a working farm of chickens and sheep. I suspect 
more animals are here in the summer, as there were many
empty rabbit cages and horse stalls.


Anonymous said...

love those Donkeys! Great pics!