Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recap 2010

Happy New Year, friends! Just for fun, the husband and I get a kick out of reading our daily horoscopes. My overall 2011 horoscope read very hopeful for the Virgo (me). Some of it (while quite generic) went something like this... 

"This year favors the clean slate approach to all matters of self-help, renewal and transformation of your personality. You're leaving many aspects of your old self behind in order to become a better and more authentic version of who you really are."

So, before I get too far into the new year, let's review 2010... it was quite the year of change!

Happenings of 2010 included:
- having a professional signature ending in M.S., CCC-SLP (I'm a completely certified SLP)
- deciding to take a new job for an unknown district in a completely different state after only a    30 minute phone interview
- putting our first house on the market and moving 12 hours away
- living without my husband for 6 weeks (never again....) and "rooming" with my grandparents (which, while it got old quickly, was a great experience to hear stories, see pictures, and be with people I really didn't know all that much)
- bought our second house for a steal & continue to own our "vacation" home in Alton, IL 
- had the opportunity to get the "big family" experience... I love the people in my family... we have a great time!

May 2011 treat you well!


Anonymous said...

Everytime I hear of a family get-together, it makes me want to move there even more! But IL for 4 more years!