Monday, December 31, 2007

a look back

It's hard to believe how fast this year went. I know I've said it before, but I think time just goes faster when you're older. You wait so long to finally be on your own... to be an adult. And now that you are, there never seems to be enough time. I'd be lying if I said I didn't thrive in that environment. I've never been one to be patient, to sit still doing one thing for a long period of time. Even as a student, I feel more productive when I'm overly busy than when I have no agenda. So, with this in mind, I'm slowing down a little bit to take a look back at 2007... and am shocked at what has been accomplished. How did all of this possibly get done? Hm. Perhaps I should take more time to sit and just be.

* bought our first house. and within the first two weeks of moving in, began renovations. ha! just shows you how young and stupid we are.

* got married. finally get to check that off the list of "things to do" after a two-year engagement

* adopted another pug. Henry. he's a momma's boy. i love him. i would adopt another in a second. interested in saving a life in the missouri/illinois area? go to

* was in a friend's wedding two weeks after my own.

* went to Jamaica. our first vacation together ever. my first vacation in over 6 years. very much needed. really made me wish our country would adopt the "no worries, mon!" attitude.

* welcomed in our second niece, Ava Noel Little. born December 29th.

* began grad school.... the supposedly almost-unobtainable goal for every undergrad speech pathology student. it's not that hard to get in with hard work and good grades. oh, and connections. and lots of activities. and good writing skills for the personal statements. and many sleepless nights worried. and some money for fed ex bills to make sure applications actually don't get lost. and perhaps a few anxiety attacks. but look. i'm here now. sweet.

I'm sure much more happened. But it's all a blur. After all, it is a year in review. So, let's say goodbye to 2007 and welcome in a new year with new adventures and new memories that will probably be lost in the shuffle of a busy life. Drink up. And Happy New Year :)