Monday, October 20, 2008

A few things.

With no specific topic in mind, I decided that I just had a few things to say.

* Early voting in Alton is wonderful. Randy and I went down to city hall at noon and casted our votes. No early-morning lines on November 4th for us!

* I think I have a gift to thrift. Or at least be a penny-pincher. Perhaps it's more a question of nature vs. nurture, but nonetheless, it's a gift. While Randy and I were about to spend $500 for floor tiles for our basement, I realized that our perfectly flat, crackless basement floor would look great painted. So, we have been busy tearing out carpet, accidently getting high on adhesive remover fumes, and painting to our hearts' desire. Yep... we saved $375 in total. It feels great!

* Cable has been cancelled. And we don't miss it. Ha! Take that, Charter!

* I love sleeping under a pile of blankets while the cool, fall air creeps into our open windows.

* I only have to go to work one day this week. My life is good.