Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yep, still vegetarian.

This is day three. And I'm still going strong. My diet really hasn't changed that much. But, I'm much more aware of what I'm putting into my mouth. Here's the run-down of a typical day.

* slice of homemade zuccini bread with a cup of blueberries

*soup or left-overs (today was spaghetti with marinara), applesauce, and carrots

* tonight we did stir fry with rice, whole wheat chips and bean dip
* homemade whole wheat brownie for dessert

Yep. That's a glimpse at "going vegetarian." See, there are still things you can eat. And I'm not starving. And we're already having some success. Randy just weighed himself tonight, and he's down 5 lbs. That's 5 lbs. in two and a half days. Hooray.

Now, the total test: visiting the folks this weekend who have the idea that a meal isn't a meal unless meat is on the plate. Hm. A test for sure.


Jen S. said...

I always seem to have trouble eating healthy meals at my parents and in-laws houses, too. How were the whole wheat brownies? I just picked up a bag of whole wheat flour that I'm dying to bust open.

Erin W. said...

Keep up the great work!!

jb.little said...

The brownies were good! And I know a good brownie :) They are grainier (is that a word?) than other brownies, but I kinda liked the texture. I'll post the recipe, so you can try it, too!