Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Then what are you going to eat?"

I'd say the title of this post could sum up 100% of the reactions of the people I told about my new vegetarian lifestyle. And the whole time, my wonderful, meat-loving husband (who is always up for trying my new whims and will also be trying the vegetarian lifestyle) sat and took it like a man. Well, at least he defended our choice. That's one of the many benefits of having a great husband....someone who will be there in the trenches with you when no one else is.

So, how is our first full day going? Surprisingly well. I knew that being a vegetarian wouldn't be as hard on me as it would be on Randy, but still, he seems to be doing just fine. Our menu for the day includes a breakfast of whole wheat french toast with sauteed apples, a lunch of Boca Chik'n Patties and whole grain chips with bean dip, and dinner will most likely be pasta with marinara and loads of veggies. In all my cooking fury (as I'm getting ready for a week of vegetarian-prepared meals), I did get some baking in. I made fudgey brownies with whole wheat flour. Haven't tried them yet, but they smell and look like the real deal, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. If they're good, perhaps I'll share the recipe with my non-vegetarian/vegan friends. If you're nice. :)


AH said...

And... and... how's it going?