Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey Smokers, You're Disgusting.

Today was my work out day. I've been trying really hard to eat healthfully and exercise more. And, I've been pretty inspired by our new workout facility (the flat screen TV on each cardio machine with 70+ channels that we don't get at home is VERY inspiring), but I witnessed something today that made me want to throw up more calories than I burned on the treadmill.

I'm walking on my treadmill, doing an hour of cardio, when some petite lady with bleach-blonde hair piled up in a big, messy bouffant ponytail hops on a treadmill next to me. She starts running and continues to do so for about 5 minutes. Then, she hops off, and probably continues to flit around the place doing an eye-blink's worth of exercise. This is the kind of lady who probably looks great with a ton of makeup to cover up her red splotches and premature aging lines from over tanning. And guys probably go ga-ga over her after they've had a couple drinks and are in a darkened room because she's got a nice body but her face is harsh, to say it nicely.

But no judgement from me, remember? By this time, I've finished my 60 minute workout and have packed up to go. I walk out to the parking lot and notice the same lady piling her toddler into the car. She's got a fresh cigarette hanging from her mouth and accidentally drops it on the concrete. She looks around, not noticing me, and picks it up to continue to smoke it! BLAH! Here is where I'll save you from my rant on smoking with a toddler around (especially in a confined box-of-a-car)... but I bet you can guess my stance on that issue...

Although, honestly, in her defense, what she is smoking is probably WAY worse than anything that could be on the parking lot. I guess a few thousand germs from the concrete really won't hurt as bad as the deadly poison she is willingly sucking down her throat.

Hm. I guess that's why she could only last 5 minutes on the treadmill.


Anonymous said...

Yea- It makes me feel sad when I think about how addicted some folks are to their cigs. Being so dependent on something so harmful to yourself and those around you must be an unbelievably frustrating situation.--not to mention it's expensive as hell.

Good for you with the working out and trying to be healthy!