Friday, April 24, 2009

Makes me wish I was 17 again...

I've been obsessed with a tv show. I must say, this has been difficult, since I get only 10 good, basic channels. But at my workout place, I stumbled upon a new show on MTV called Taking the Stage. The show follows 5 kids (3 dancers, 1 actress/dancer, and 1 singer/songwriter) in a creative arts high school in Ohio. 

As I'm watching the episodes on, I find myself getting incredibly jealous that these kids get to play music in the hallways (something I would've done), have dance-offs in cafeteria during lunch hour (something I would've watched), and wear cool scarves with their outfits (something I've been in to). But alas, with my master's degree complete, high school is a distant memory. But if I could go back... creative arts school, here I come. Although, I'm thinking it probably wouldn't helped me get into college for speech-language pathology. Whatever... I would've been a star.  


Mandi said...

You are a star!