Monday, April 13, 2009

It's a boy!

If you read a few posts back, you could probably tell that I was getting the itch to have another pupster. I'm not completely crazy... I know three dogs are a lot. But there are just so many that need love, so many that need good homes. I can give both. But, Randy had the voice of reason (this time) and talked me into fostering. I think it'll be a great thing.

I chose to join up with Southeast Pug Rescue Association (SEPRA). They are a large organization based out of Georgia with a smaller sect in Missouri. And, after a home inspection set up for tonight, Randy and I will most likely be foster parents to our first pug... a boy named Roscoe.

Actually, some lady he's staying with currently re-named him Cadbury, like as in the candy egg. Cute. But not really. So, he'll be Roscoe once more when he joins our family. I'm excited and a little hesitant. He was living outside 100% of the time, which for pugs is a BIG no-no. Because of their shortened snout, they don't have the ability to survive extreme temperatures or weather conditions.  And, because he was an outdoor, neglected pug, he got hookworms. He's currently being treated for that. Following that treatment, he'll get neutered. The boy is getting the whole kit & caboodle of treatments! I'm thinking there'll be some potty training and belly banding on our part, but that's nothing we haven't already done with our pooches. I keep reminding myself and Randy that this won't always be convenient, but it's for a good cause. Every dog deserves the best. And at our house, they usually get the best. We can't help it. We love pugs. 

So, check back for updates. I'll probably be using this blog for updates and advertising, just in case someone is looking for the perfect pooch to love in a forever home. 


Jen S. said...

Awww, good for you! That is so awesome. And I think Roscoe is a super adorable name. :)

waitingforcider said...

Yes, Cadbury is a ridiculous name... unless he's a fat little egg-shaped pug.