Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting there

So, I've been purposefully postponing showing pictures of the progress on the new guest room and office because I don't have it *exactly* how I want it.

But, alas, we're getting there. Comforter has been bought. Curtains for covering the closet were purchased. Throw in an adorable peacock decorative pillow... and we're rounding a couple hundred dollars (gulp). However, we still need to add pictures, perhaps a wreath, and maybe new curtains for the windows. Plus a rug... and more decorative pillows, and sheets.

Well, you get the idea. We have a ways to go, but the hardest work is done. Now, the money gets to do the talking. So, without further ado, here are the pictures so far. Keep in mind, we need to get some more things for the bedding... it looks a bit floral and green. Sheets and different pillows will break it up a bit. Plus, the accent things will help make it look not so... bland.


Jen S. said...

I seriously love the peacock pillow. :) Looks good!

waitingforcider said...

oo cute! what's the pattern on the bedspread?