Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nothing can be easy

So our little flooring project has turned into a much bigger home improvement project all around. The floor in the guest room turned out so well, we decided to do the same thing to the office floor. And since grey walls just don't go well with the pretty cream floor, we pretty much have to redo the wall color there, too.

And since we're doing flooring and paint, we thought about room arrangements. Randy and I both spend much more time in the office, messing around on the computer and recording music. We really do need a bigger space for that, while we rarely have guests stay the night. So, the need for a bigger extra bedroom really isn't that great. Our solution? A room swap.

The guest bedroom is now becoming the office and vice versa. We think it will work out perfectly, and so does this website (very helpful!).

So, now, the new, bigger office is almost complete. The floor is done. Walls are painted. And my dear husband is working on the baseboards. We're so close to being ready to move in furniture and do it all over again in the new guest bedroom. There, we will have cream floors with matching cream walls. The accents will be lime, as planned in the last post. For our office, we chose "sweet basil" as the color. It's a mix between a light green and yellow. Very nice with the cream floors. Here's the progress...

(note: the pictures look a bit yellow-y...
the wall color isn't exactly represented well)


Mom said...

I love the transition to a brighter,cleaner look. So fresh
and French/cottage looking.
We'll be your first guests!