Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bad apple

A while ago, my good friend, Mandi from Mandi's Musings, pointed out to me that I have a knack for loving the whimsical things in life. I was wearing a printed summer shirt with horses patterned all around it. She was right.... I didn't know anyone else who had horse-patterned shirts. The same thing happened a few months ago when she said to me, "Only you could find a blouse with owls on it." 

I've embraced this side of me and decided to combine my love of quirky, whimsical things with my new-found love of being a little more environmentally friendly. Thus, my new project is a reusable grocery bag with (what else.....) fruit on it! 

It's not finished, yet, as the fruit has taken a little longer due to the stitching details. But, soon enough, it'll be a bag ready for its debut. Take a look....

Yep, he's my favorite.... because after all, you have to watch out for those bad apples. It's always the apples....


Jen S. said...

Fun! The apple is my fav. too!