Saturday, January 2, 2010

Boys will be boys

It's past eleven o'clock, and I'm listening to my husband and old college friends have a jam session in the basement. We've truly had a boys' night with a trip to a barbeque joint for dinner, a Blues vs. Hawks hockey game, and now, a jam session. It's fun.

We've had a blast hosting these guys. They've given us a good update on people we used to hang out with when we lived in Elmhurst, and we've definitely laughed a good deal reminiscing on old college stories.
And while I don't miss Elmhurst's expensive rent or snooty stay-at-home moms, I do miss the great people we knew. We hung out with the music crowd, so you could always count on someone having a guitar and jamming out. But now, everyone mostly has jobs and live fairly boring lives. Glad to know we're right on par. And no one has had any kids, so it's another confirmation that I'm not "that" weird.

Tomorrow, my good friends come back home from their extended Christmas vacation, so we'll be doing our usually Sunday night football with them. It'll be good to crack open some wine and chill with them. I've missed them.

Here's to all the boys out there that like barbeque, hockey, and jamming. Good night :)