Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sorry for the blogging hiatus. Sickness and busyness has kept me away. But, I'm back... and with a new header! Let springtime come! In the couple weeks away, there have been a few changes. Another project. Another pug (well, kind of).

We started working on the kitchen again.... it's had three paint jobs in three years. I guess I just need to face the fact that the kitchen is just not my favorite place in our house, and updating it won't really make it bigger and better. With that said, this change will be the kitchen's last (I can say that with 99% confidence... give me a break, I need some wiggle room). The color is now a neutral light khaki color. Goes with anything. Everyone (especially potential buyers) likes that color. The fun is in the accents.... like the cute bird and flower measuring spoons I've hung above the sink. We're also adding a bit of backsplash to some of the area. It'll just give it a little personality. Fun. Easy. One weekend. Pictures will be up when it's all completed.

Another change is...... still undecided. We've now had Mabel, our foster pug, since October. She's in love with me. I adore her. Where I end, she begins. She's that attached to me. Understandably so, as I'm the only person she trusts after her previous 5 years in a puppy mill. I can't give her up. She's mine. So, we had a big decision to make. Have 3 pugs and stop fostering? Perhaps find Henry a home where he can be king and continue to foster? Decisions, decisions. We were close to finding Henry a home that might be able to give him as much love as he requires, but that fell through. So, after the thoughts of giving him up made us sad, we are leaning towards just having 3 doggers and stop fostering. But yet, we're still undecided.

More changes will happen soon.... my school district is laying off people left and right. The state is failing Illinois education massively, and talented teachers, like my good friend, are getting axed. It's a crime how much every district is cutting, but alas, the state has not taken responsibility. So, when Randy has finished his master's degree, we're done-zo with Illinois. We're taking a look at places that actually value education, like Austin, Texas. I love the idea of picking up and moving somewhere completely different, and I welcome that change!


EWebey said...

I'm all for change too!! Good luck in the upcoming decisions!!!!

Jen S. said...

I am in the same boat of change as you. I am welcoming it with open arms!