Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Endeavors

For a long time now, I've been trying to find my craft. I'm a woman who doesn't like to do one thing for a long time, but I've really been itching to get into just one thing. I've tried sewing, which ends up disappointing seeing as there are no fabric stores within a twenty-mile radius. I've tried stationary and stamping, which I really enjoy, but I hate to do the same thing over and over. I've been keeping the stationary just for me. I'm looking to really sell something. I've had minor success with the headbands, selling to people from my work. But, as my sister pointed out, the demographic for people who wear feathery headbands is kinda small. I know.

So........ after much thought and deliberation with friends and family, I'm going to try fusing glass. I was hesitant about it at first, as it can get quite expensive for all the materials (kiln, glass bits, jewelry bits, etc). But, wasting money on finding a craft is getting expensive, too. I just bucked up and paid the money. Done. It's on it's way.

Soon, I'll be able to make fun things like:


Jen S. said...

I cannot tell you how very much I can relate to this! I'm still working on being happy doing one thing, too. I can't wait to see your new projects! :)

Mandi said...

Ooo, I've never even heard of this craft! I'm quite curious and anxious to see your creations.

waitingforcider said...

oo superfun! i remember seeing these in europe alot at the markets... really beautiful!q