Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Decision

For a while now, Randy's been talking about *maybe* looking for a new job opportunity. The place he's at now has been fine. Poor benefits. No option of a raise (ever.). No sick days. Dealing with ignorant, low-life customers who want something for nothing and can't understand why you can't give it to them. In return, however, he's had a pretty low-stress job with people he likes and a boss who just lets him be.

After trying out grad school for a while and realizing it wasn't for him, I think Randy's now always trying to find something else. A job that can be his career. It's just kinda time to move on. To grow a little more.

So, he kinda fell upon a job opportunity that is, quite literally, the job that he is 100% qualified for. Everything they were looking for was everything that Randy had experience in. Perfect. He sent in his resume. Two days later, they contacted him back with high interest in him. Today, he talked to the big wig hiring man about what the job entails. And....... with every job, there are positives and negatives. Positives include **major** raise with 10% possible bonuses each year, computer, phone, paid vacation/sick days, and other wonderful things. The only negative is the fact that the job is 60% travel. Major travel. Like he'll be covering 2 states. So, there's potential that Randy will need to be gone a week at a time, come home for the weekend, and be gone for another week. This could happen for three weeks in a row. Then, he's promised a week of working at home.

With this possible circumstance, certain questions come to mind. Will this be okay for our relationship? What happens when I need someone to kill a spider? Mow the grass? Do manly things around the house? Is the money worth it? Isn't this too good of an opportunity to pass up?

There's no doubt many things to think about. But, I know we're both leaning towards going for it. It's a great opportunity to get involved with a good company. The extra money would be hella nice (new house, perhaps? nice vacations around the globe? paying off pesky student loans?). I'm not sure, but I know we'll find out soon enough. For that time... think good thoughts for us, please. Much appreciated.


Jen said...

Good luck with your very big decision! I know how stressful that can be, but I also know that "taking a leap" can be worth it in the end. :)

PS- As I'm getting ready to head into a week without my hub, the "killing a spider question" has definitely crossed my mind, haha.

Mandi said...

Good luck!