Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Changes are a comin'

It's that time again. I'm getting the itch to make some changes. So many things have happened within the last couple of weeks. It really started with Randy finding this possible new job with Mitchell International. His interview is tomorrow, so we'll see what happens with that. If he gets the job, he'll be in for about 75% travel (traveling 3 out of the 4 weeks per month). The job isn't ideal, but we both agreed it would be a great experience and stepping stone for bigger things. Plus, the benefits and pay can't be beat. However, because he'd be taking care of the Missouri/Kansas area, we could be locked in to this area for at least a couple of years.

Then, my parents kind of sparked some interest in the idea of us moving to Texas. Now, don't get me wrong, I know Texas is not the best place for my liberal ideas to call home, and I'll have to get over the Texas attitude of "bigger is better." But, for $10,000 more a year, I could get over it pretty quickly. Yep. Speech therapists are in demand down there, so I could possibly get relocation help, great benefits, and awesome pay. More pay than I would make in Illinois after 10-15 years experience in the schools. It's a fact. Working for the state of Illinois is a dead end. There's no money. There's no desire to reform education. There's no desire to do what's right by the people. So, moving is inevitable. To where.... perhaps Texas. I have a lot of extended family in the Dallas area, so that's always a possibility. Austin has always been a place of intrigue for us. We'll see.

And just this week, Randy's boss put his 2-week notice in. He's quitting Team1 to go work for an insurance company. That leaves a lot up in the air for the auto body. Randy might move shops because a new estimator will need to be brought in. Plus, a new manager will need to be hired. Randy doesn't necessarily want the manager job, even though he's quite qualified for it. So many things to think about. Stay in the area? Move sooner than later? I'm ready for answers soon, but that's just my impatience talking. I guess we'll find out..... one way or another.


EWebey said...

Good luck! Change can be hard and exciting!!!