Sunday, June 13, 2010

Woke up. Went grocery shopping. Bought a ......


I'm an impulsive person. Always have been. It's kinda the fun, spunky side of my mostly perfectionist, follow-the-rules way-of-life. So, after we had laid around a bit in the morning, we decided to do our usual Sunday things (e.g. go grocery shopping, do laundry, etc).

We had stopped at Big Lots looking for a canopy for my farmers market stand. And while Big Lots didn't have what we wanted in that department, we had perused by a display of pools. Suddenly, I realized that we needed a pool. What a great thing to add to our home on a 90+ degree day. What was my favorite thing about summers as a kid? A pool!

So, after a quick price check around town, we came back to our good and trusty Big Lots to purchase our very own 15' round, metal framed pool.

The stars must be aligned, because right as we set it up, Mother Nature decided that she'd like to do her part in filling the pool. It began to downpour. All is good, though. We have our pool.


Mandi said...

wow, that is quite the impulse buy! you need some beach chairs and an umbrella, and you'll be set. enjoy!

Jen said...

Oh, fun!